Endura Door Bottoms

Superior barrier against air and water.

Endura door bottoms offer a superior barrier against air and water.

Whether relying on our Leading Edge Bulb design with a fixed or adjustable sill, or the enhanced sealing power of the Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ Door Bottom with our auto-adjusting sill solution, Endura door bottoms keep sealing long after others fail. Traditional door sweep options also available.

With other “fin-only” door sweep products, there is only a thin line of contact against the sill, which leads to leaks over time or even right away if installation or site conditions aren’t perfect. Each Endura door bottom utilize a combination of fins and bulbs specially designed to work with Endura sill solutions for proven, unmatched protection against leaks and a larger sealing area.

Endura Double Bulb Door Bottom

Staple-On Double Bulb Door Bottom (DBS-R)

Endura Z-AC Sill Door Bottom

Auto-Adjusting Sill (Z-AC) Kerfed Door Bottom (DBKAC)

Leading Edge Door Bottom Features:

Superior Sealing

Innovative design and durable materials allow the door bottom to retain its shape and maintain tight contact with sill.

Easy Door Operation

Prevent intrusion of elements while minimizing door operating loads.

Enhanced Protection: Auto-Adjusting Sill (Z-AC) Door Bottom Features:

The Z-AC Door Bottom offers enhanced protection against air and water infiltration, providing the benefits of the Leading Edge Door Bottom and more. The unique design works with the cap to form a tight seal and delivers superior protection every time.

Enhanced Sealing Power

Dual fins and sealing bulb deliver trouble-free performance and seal out infiltration even with imperfect margins.

No Caulk Required

Z-AC Door Bottoms seal without caulk, allowing for easy, fast installation and lasting performance.

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