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What Are Certified Powered By EnduraTM Door Systems?

The Certified Powered By Endura Door System program is a combination of state-of-the-art components, certified testing and a performance warranty to create reliable and competitive door systems. Endura developed the program to deliver the highest-performing door systems available to reduce the possibilities and causes of door unit failure.

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The Result Is A System That Eliminates:

Customer Callbacks

Wasted Time on Repairs

Productivity Losses

Revenue Losses

Expensive Repairs

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Why Do Certified Powered By Endura Systems Perform?

Certified Powered By Endura Door Systems are superior because the parts are designed to work together. When these components are used in conjunction, the seal between the door and the openings is maximized, and air and water infiltration is minimized. Certified Powered By Endura Door Systems provide:

A certified third-party tested and field-proven door system backed by a warranty you pass on to your customers.

Sell with confidence. You’re backed by proven performance and a clearly-stated, powerful warranty.

A complete system of components designed and precision-engineered to work together and complement your door.

Get the marketing tools you need to effectively sell your system with a growing list of resources. Plus, your system is further supported by Endura’s ongoing corporate marketing initiatives on a regional and national level.

Components That Work Together

Endura stands behind our components and Certified Powered By Endura system performance with a warranty like no other. The combination of the highest quality door system components along with our guarantee ensures quality and offers peace of mind throughout the life of the system.

Continuous, one-piece sills ensure the integrity of the entire door system. Endura’s door sills are precision-engineered and feature a composite substrate that won’t rot, warp or deteriorate.

Each astragal solution eliminates the failure of the rubber boot with a spring-loaded floating boot that lifts clear of the sill when unlocked, and forms a tight seal when engaged for lasting protection.

Endura’s weathersealing solutions are designed, engineered and tested to provide the ultimate protection from outside elements.

Endura’s bulb and fin door bottoms outperform traditional fin styles time after time, delivering a superior protection against air and water.

Utilizing Endura’s continuous sills, header jambs and one-piece mulls eliminates joints common in other door systems that allow for air and water infiltration.

White Exterior Door Powered by Endura
Tree in Hurricane - Powered By Endura Weathersealing

Smarter Performance Backed By Certified Testing (And Beyond).

Testing at Endura goes beyond the basic requirements. Doors with Certified Powered By Endura components have been extensively tested and proven to outperform every other system on the market, even in less-than-ideal situations. Our components have undergone Comprehensive Independently Certified Testing, and have been strenuously tested for durability and lasting quality.

  • Rollover Testing
  • Cycle Testing
  • Temperature Testing
  • UV/Exposure Testing
  • Salt-Spray Testing
  • User-Friendly Testing
  • and more….
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