Sills & Sill Systems

Door sills can make or break a door system.

Stop spending time, money, and labor on service calls that could be solved with a screwdriver and a DIY guide. Eliminate callbacks altogether by using the right materials from the start.

Imperfect installation conditions and low quality sills lead to service calls from disgruntled customers and costly time, money, and labor expenses for your business. Put an end to wasteful processes with Endura’s selection of door sills and sill systems. For reliable exterior door units and constant savings, invest in door parts that are Powered By Endura® and build smarter, stronger door sills and sill systems.

Doors Powered By Endura® Sills & Sill Systems deliver smarter protection and unmatched performance against air and water infiltration, eliminating callbacks, enhancing installation, and delivering year-round savings.

Auto-Adjusting Sill Solution

Auto-Adjusting Sill Solution

You’ve got better things to do than worry about adjusting a sill. The Z-Articulating Cap SillTM automatically adjusts at installation and over time to account for each opening’s unique needs and challenges.

Replaceable Deck Sill

The Replaceable Deck Sill™ [RDS] is the sill of the future, enabling replacement of a discolored or damaged sill deck without removing the sill or the entire door unit.

Adjustable Sill Solutions

Adjustable Sill Solutions

Our line of adjustable sills utilizes all-synthetic components that protect against discoloration, warping and dents, while protecting key mechanisms to allow for easy adjustments whenever needed.

Outswing Bumper Sills

Get lasting protection from wind-driven moisture and air in your outswing door system with our outswing bumper sills. Made of synthetic components, our outswing sills never warp or rot, standing strong when you need them most.

ADA Sill Solutions

ADA Sill Solutions

No need to trade superior performance for Enhanced Accessibility. With a variety of widths and lengths, as well as complementary system accessories, we have a solution for all of your ADA entryway needs.

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