Trilennium® Multi-Point Locking System

Protect Your Home. Preserve Your Style.

We all want to protect our home and the loved ones within, and unfortunately, most standard locking systems don’t make the cut. Or they require the use of handset and hardware styles that simply don’t reflect your unique style.

The Trilennium® Multi-Point Locking System provides ultimate protection and peace of mind with the power of three full deadbolts and a solid lock design that’s even strengthens the door panel, pulling your door into perfect alignment while working with your system components to seal out air, water, insects and more dangerous intruders.

Backed by the industry’s highest ratings for structural and forced entry performance Trilennium delivers 3x the strength, 3x the security and 3x the performance with one multi-point locking system. Plus, with Trilennium, unmatched protection doesn’t have to mean compromised style. Trilennium offers a growing portfolio of attractive handset designs to suit any taste and budget.

Triliennium Multi-Point Locking Systems

Trilennium Strong. There is No Comparison.


Trilennium corrects misalignment in 3 different directions, even fighting deflection when unlocked for lasting, error-free operation.


Trilennium delivers the strength of 3 full deadbolts for uncompromised protection. No weak hooks or catches. Just tested, proven strength.


Unlike flimsy competitors, Trilennium’s one-piece I-Beam lock construction is so strong, it even strengthens the door panel.

Easy Operation.

Unlike other systems, Trilennium is easy to use, activating with a single turn of the key or thumbturn, and releasing with just a single turn of the interior handle.

More Trilennium Multi-Point Locking System Features:

Easier Installation

Once the door is routed, Trilennium can be installed easily as one solid piece.

SmartKey Compatible

Quickly and easily rekey the lock while maintaining the highest level of security.

Offered in 1″ and 7/8″ widths

working seamlessly with proud edge/bull nose and standard book edge doors.

Lasting performance and unmatched protection

A must-have for ensuring lasting performance, particularly for 8’0″ door systems.

How Trilennium Works:

Look familiar? The door is misaligned.

In other multi-point systems, the lock would fail to engage, resulting in an unhappy homeowner and costly service call.

Bolts Pre-engage.

When the door is closed, the angled shoulder of Trilennium’s bolts pre-engage with the frame (via the Roller Strikes) to fight deflection and misalignment at all times, and deliver lasting, smooth operation.

Door is Locked, Aligned Perfectly.

As the lock is activated, Trilennium’s Bolts further engage with patented Roller Strikes to pull the door into perfect alignment, correcting misalignment in three directions and arming the door with three deadbolts that cannot be compromised.

Preserve Your Style – Trilennium Hardware:

Choose from an expansive portfolio of attractive handset designs to match your unique style and budget. Trilennium is compatible with handset styles from Rocky Mountain Hardware, Emtek as well as Trilennium’s own design selection, featured below.

Trilennium Eclipse Handset

Eclipse Handset

Delicate details pair with sleek curves for a truly timeless design to complement any entryway.

Trilennium Pinnacle Handset

Pinnacle Handset

Defined curves and smooth lines provide the perfect blend of traditional and modern.

Trilennium Curved Handset

Curved Handset

A simple, modern design pairs with a touch of subtle curves for an effortlessly sleek look.

Trilennium Rectangular Handset

Rectangular Handset

Defined edges and smooth lines combine to deliver a simplistic design for the modern feel.

Trilennium Eclipse Grip Handset

Eclipse Grip Handset

The design of the Eclipse Handset paired with the addition of a grip lever takes your entryway to the next level.

Trilennium Horizon Handset

Horizon Handset

Soft curves and edges paired with a narrower construction adds a touch of style and tradition.

Choose Your Locks:

With multiple options to choose from, there is a Trilennium® Multi-Point Lock to fit every entry system need.

Trilennium® 3000

Trilennium® 3000

Multi-point security for standard door panels (Single and French active panels).

Trilennium® 3020

Trilennium® 3020

For the inactive door in French units, the 3020’s I-Beam enhances system strength.

Trilennium® 3070

Trilennium® 3070

Features narrow 7/8″ profile for “proud edge” door panels (Single and French active panels).

Trilennium® 3500

Trilennium® 3500

Delivers enhanced security for French doors with five locking points (French active panels).

Trilennium® Astragal

Trilennium® Astragal

Enhance protection against leaks and drafts with our cost-efficient Ultimate Trilennium Astragal (3000, 3500 and 3070 only).

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Replacement Locks

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