Ultimate Push Button Astragal

Ultimate Protection. Ultimate Performance.

The Ultimate Push Button Astragal delivers consistent, trusted performance in one cost-effective solution. Each of the astragal’s 24″ auto-locking Flush Bolts are secured in place with the simple push of a button for lasting, secure performance and easy use of the inactive door panel.

The astragal features a spring-loaded retractable boot that clears the threshold when the flush bolt is retracted and seals against the sill cap when the bolt is engaged for damage-free performance and lasting sealing power over time, In addition to the floating boot, the Ultimate Astragal System features a solid, one-piece flush bolt that prevents unlocking from the outside of your home.

Ultimate French Door Protection. Ultimate Performance.

Ultimate Push Button Astragal Features:

Dual Push Operation

Spring-loaded bolts automatically engage with the simple push of a button and conveniently retract with one easy motion.

Extended Sealing Power

Protects your home from infiltration with 4 weather sealing components working together. Spring loaded floating boot (1) forms a custom weathertight seal and works with the Simple Solution Corner Pad (2) to seal leaks at the base of the unit. When the bolt is retracted, the floating boot lifts clear of the sill protecting against wear and damage and guaranteeing a secure seal over time. Full-length sealing fin (3) works along with the weatherstrip (4) to fight infiltration from top to bottom.

Ultimate Security

Spring-loaded 24” bolt automatically secures the unit with a push of a button for ultimate security and peace of mind. Push a button. Secure your door. It’s that easy.

Easy Hardware Customization

Meeting custom hardware needs has never been easier with the Ultimate Push Button Astragal’s innovative strike retainer design. Strike retainer can be easily removed, resized, repositioned or replaced to accommodate many hardware styles and sizes.

Other Features: Easy to Install, Clean appearance, Standard Dummy Plates

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