Ultimate Hurricane Astragal

Superior Performance for Coastal Climates.

All astragals should guarantee protection from water infiltration and security concerns, but some homes are exposed to particularly harsh conditions that the average run-of-the-mill astragal simply can’t withstand. 

The Ultimate Hurricane Astragal from Endura Products is designed to protect your French door system against high wind speeds, more frequent and intense storms, and even hurricanes. 

Palm Tree Blowing in Wind for Hurricane French Door Astragal

Ultimate Hurricane Astragal Features & Benefits:

Hurricane Rated

The Ultimate Hurricane Astragal stands strong against severe weather conditions and meets the structural ratings in even the riskiest hurricane zones thanks to the power of three added structural features. The glass-filled nylon 24” spring-loaded bolt works with increased strike support and extra-strength materials to provide heavy-duty, reliable performance – rain or shine.

Dual Push Operation

The best products should be easy to use. The spring-loaded bolts on the Ultimate Hurricane Astragal automatically engage with a simple push of a button and conveniently retract with one easy motion. No jumping through hoops or additional steps required.

Push a button. Secure your door. It’s that easy.

Superior Sealing

It’s no secret that even the best components are better together, and four Endura weathersealing components work together in the Ultimate Hurricane Astragal system to provide superior protection for any double door unit. The spring-loaded floating boot automatically adjusts to form a watertight seal; when the bolt is retracted, the floating boot lifts clear of the sill to protect against wear and damage and guarantee a secure seal over time. A Simple Solution Corner Pad reinforces the base of the unit while a full-length sealing fin works along with the weatherstripping to fight infiltration from top to bottom.

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