Z-Series Bumper Outswing Sills

Unmatched Performance for Outswing Doors

Our Z-Series Bumper Outswing Sills utilize all-synthetic components that eliminate the worries of wood substrate sills.

Built to last, the advanced all-composite substrate and streamlined synthetic  or aluminum cap means no rotting, warping or deterioration over time.

Bumper Outswing Sills offer ultimate protection in high exposure areas and severe weather conditions. The seal produced by the Bumper Outswing increases with pressure against the door, creating a tough seal against air and water infiltration.

Z-Series Bumper Outswing Sills

Z-Outswing Bumper Door Sill Features:

Built-In Sealing Power

Weatherstrip is preassembled into the cap to create a tighter seal against the door panel and eliminate water infiltration.

Unmatched Performance. Endless Possibilities.

Composite substrate that won’t rack, warp or rot, designed for infinite cutability.

Your Opening. Your Style.

Available in a variety of length and finish options to meet your entryway needs without sacrificing style.

Durable Protection in High Heat Markets.

Available with all-aluminum cap design for enhanced performance in high temperatures.

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