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Certified Powered by Endura

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Doors with components Powered by Endura protect your home against leaks, drafts and other intruders better than any other system on the market. The combination of patented sealing and locking systems offers superior performance and deliver nonstop protection at your entryway.

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The Industry’s Best System Performance – Now Even Better:

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No Adjustments. Better Install. No Callbacks.

Our systems offer innovative components that automatically seal and adjust for an easy, hassle-free installation process and lasting performance, even if the opening isn’t perfect and as conditions change over time. Save time. Eliminate callbacks. Boost your savings.


Certified Third-Party Tested. Proven Performance.

All Certified Powered By Endura Door Systems are Third-Party Certified Tested to ensure superior performance and a system that works long after others fail.

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Marketing Tools to Support Your Sales Efforts.

We’ve got your back with growing portfolio of customizable marketing tools and materials to help you sell your unique Certified Powered By Endura system.

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Smarter Components. Better Door System.

Certified Powered By Endura Door Systems deliver the unmatched performance and quality of the industry’s best door components, working together to save you valuable time, money and resources for an overall smarter door experience.

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Clearly Defined, Strong Warranty.

Don’t just take our word for it. Certified Powered By Endura Door Systems are backed by a clearly defined, strong warranty. No guessing or getting blindsided by the fine print. If your system fails due to component failure, we’ll reimburse you a clear, exact amount.

The Result?

You save valuable time, money and resources with an auto-sealing system that works with the limited labor resources you have, while doing the work of the labor you don’t. Plus, you get the peace of mind and enhanced value of certified testing, a clear warranty and the tools you need to succeed. Experience a Smarter Door – Certified Powered By Endura.


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