Replaceable Deck Sill

If you're paying for sill deck damage, you're paying too much. Stop paying for it and start planning for it with RDS.

It’s not just another doorsill replacement.
It’s a solution.

The Replaceable Deck Sill™ [RDS] is the sill of the future, enabling replacement of a discolored or damaged sill deck without removing the sill or the entire door unit. With RDS™ – take a fraction of the time and money to replace the sill deck with RDS in comparison to the time and money it would take to clean, repair or in some cases, totally replace the entire door system.

With RDS, accidents on the jobsite are an easy fix. Drop a brick. Spill some paint. RDS’s sill deck can be removed and replaced with ease, requiring only a few simple steps and tools already on hand.

How RDS Works:


Remove sill cap with a stiff putty knife; bend front edge away from the substrate.


Slide the deck out, away from the sill.


Slide the new deck into place and tap into place with mallet.

Replaceable Deck Sill Features:

One Cost-Cutting Solution. Two Time-Saving Options:

  • Option 1: Replace Damaged Aluminum Sill Deck with a flawless new one in a matter of minutes and with tools already on hand.
  • Option 2: Prevent Damage with a Temporary Dunnage sill cap and deck during construction. Then simply install final components when construction is completed.

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