Z-Articulating Cap SillTM

Z-Articulating Cap Sill

Never Adjust a Sill Again.

In addition to the benefits of our adjustable sill solution, the Z-Articulating Cap Sill (Z-AC) automatically adjusts, saving time, eliminating maintenance needs and service calls, and delivering constant protection against leaks, drafts and insects, even when conditions aren’t perfect or change over time.

Cut costs, not corners: With Z-AC, you can work smarter – not harder. The Z-Articulating Cap Sill eliminates extra installation steps and common headaches, works in imperfect conditions and overall works with the limited labor resources you have, while doing the work of the labor you don’t.

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Z-Articulating Cap Sill

How Z-AC Works:


No Adjustments.

Z-AC never needs adjustment, automatically adjusting for a lasting seal against leaks. No maintenance required.

No Leaks

No Leaks.

Imperfect opening? Missing corner pads? Changing conditions over time? Z-AC still seals, saving you time and money.

No Service Calls

No Service Calls.

Z-AC has been tested and proven to outperform all others, even when the real world strikes.

Z-AC Sill Features:

Never Needs Adjustment

Stop wasting time with components that require precise, manual adjustment. Z-AC’s spring-loaded cap never needs adjustment, automatically adjusting up or down to form a tight, lasting seal even if the opening isn’t perfect and as conditions change over time.

Faster, Easier, More Forgiving Installation

Limited labor? Z-AC has you covered. Imperfect conditions? No problem. Missing corner pads? No worries. Z-AC automatically seals and accounts for each unique opening’s needs so you can install and move on.

Outperforms All Other Sills

Z-AC has been extensively tested and proven to outperform every other sill product on the market, sealing long after other systems leak for a reliable sill system that always has your back.

Saves You Time & Money

By eliminating extra install steps, common headaches and working with limited labor resources, installations with Z-AC are faster, easier and less problematic. With its constant, automatic sealing, Z-AC puts an end to service calls, saving even more time and money.

2016-best of IBS Awards

Don’t Take Our Word For It: Experts Agree

Z-AC was named Best Window and Door Product at the 2016 International Builder’s Show by a panel of industry leaders and experts. Z-AC was highlighted for its ability to solve common door problems and deliver enhanced value.

How Much Are Your Doors Really Costing You?

Think your doors aren’t really that big of a problem now? Think again. Every install, every adjustment, every extra step and every service call add up, costing you more than you might think. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

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