Ultimate Flip LeverTM Astragal

No Reaching. No Bending. No Callbacks.

The Ultimate Flip Lever Astragal combines enhanced performance with the benefits of enhanced accessibility and ease of use. Just one flip of the easy-to-use built-in lever activates the Floating Boot and Flush Bolt system, securing the unit with two lasting seals, even in imperfect or changing conditions. The Floating Boot and Flush Bolt deliver a perfect seal every time, operating independently of each other to seal against the lowest point on the sill when engaged, while lifting clear of the sill when retracted for lasting, damage-free operation.

The Ultimate Flip Lever French Door Astragal.

How The Ultimate Flip Lever Astragal Works:

With the Flip Lever upright, the Floating Boot and Flush Bolt are lifted clear of the sill.

As the Flip Lever is lowered, the Floating Boot drops independently to seal against the cap.

After the Floating Boot, the Flush Bolt lowers, engaging with the sill regardless of drill hole depth.

Ultimate Flip Lever Astragal Features:

No Reaching or Bending.

Most astragals require the homeowner to reach and bend to lock and unlock the astragal. The Flip Lever Astragal’s built-in Flip Lever locks and unlocks the astragal in one easy motion for Enhanced Accessibility and ultimate satisfaction.

Extended Sealing Power

Protects your home from infiltration with 4 weather sealing components working together. Spring loaded floating boot (1) forms a custom weathertight seal and works with the Simple Solution Corner Pad (2) to seal leaks at the base of the unit. When the bolt is retracted, the floating boot lifts clear of the sill protecting against wear and damage and guaranteeing a secure seal over time. Full-length sealing fin (3) works along with the weatherstrip (4) to fight infiltration from top to bottom.

Damage-Free Operation.

Astragal boot lifts clear of the sill when operating the inactive door panel, preventing rubbing, wear and damage common in other astragal products.

Automatic, Forgiving Performance.

Patented spring-loaded Floating Boot and Flush Bolt operate independently, automatically sealing against the lowest point on the sill cap, even if the bolt hole isn’t drilled deep enough.

Security: Features 10” upper and 17” lower bolt size auto-locks in place.

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