Small in Size, Big in Impact.

Weathersealing products Powered By Endura® have a proven reputation for keeping the elements outside of your door system and home. Our unique and innovative weathersealing solutions have been tested and proven to create the ideal barrier for wind or wind-driven rain. Small in size, big in impact – these products are crucial components in overall door system performance.

The Simple Solution® Corner Pad

Simple Solution® Corner Pad

The Simple Solution Corner Pad seals out infiltration at the Crucial Corner – the most susceptible place to leaks and drafts – even with wide margins.

The Simple Corner

Endura’s Simple Corner is a creative solution that works in conjunction with existing compression weatherstrip to block air and moisture at the upper corners of your system.


PE650 Weatherstrip

The memory of weatherstrip is crucial to door performance. Endura’s weatherstrip snaps back into shape when bent or twisted and features low-wick foam that absorbs over 50% less water.

door bottoms

Door Bottoms

With innovative designs and durable materials, Powered By Endura door bottoms provide a superior barrier against air and water, while maintaining tight contact with the sill.

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