Experience a smarter door

A smarter door starts with smarter components.

About Endura Products

Endura Products, Inc. is proud to be a manufacturer of components for entry door systems that enhance performance, save time, eliminate service calls and cut costs, delivering a smarter door experience for everyone, every time.


Our company is built on innovation, delivering the highest levels of component performance as our standard.


We pride ourselves on offering solutions that lead the industry in performance and quality and are always working to make doors work not just better, but smarter.


Endura Products is headquartered in Greensboro, NC, with facilities in NC, OR, TX and TN, and distributes products throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Our Mission

We are committed to improving building practices with products, systems and processes which enhance performance and provide exceptional value throughout the product lifecycle.

Focus our efforts in areas where we have maximum strength and abilities, and avoid participation in areas where we cannot make unique and worthy contributions.

Be recognized by maintaining high standards of honesty.

Provide the highest value to cost products and services in the industry.

Foster an environment that encourages the individuality of our employees, their open thinking and contributions.

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