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French Door Solutions

Save time, labor, and money, raise the quality of the service you provide, and better your reputation by using materials that won’t require unnecessary service calls and resources. French door astragals Powered By Endura® are easy to use and never stop working for you – automatically sealing out air, water, and insects, and providing secure protection for your home. No reaching. No bending. No leaks. Just beautiful performance.

Reaching, bending, and leaking are common issues with French door installations. Builders and homeowners alike encounter problems with worn-out seals and ill-fitting parts, reaching, bending, and leaks seem inevitable, and do does wasting time, money, and labor on repairing those issues. Not anymore.

If you’re getting service calls and warranty claims on your French doors, you’re using the wrong astragal. Air and water infiltration, security concerns, and imperfect installation conditions are the problem, and Endura’s French door astragals are the solution.

Endura Astragals are available at a wide range of price points. From the most advanced to the most budget-friendly, you can trust that our French Door Astragals are high quality that you can only get from door components that are Powered By Endura®, with the best value in the Industry. We have an astragal for every builder, every home, and every condition. Find the best astragal for your French doors from our extensive and growing collection.

Ultimate Multi-Point French Door Astragal

Ultimate Multi-Point Astragal

Our top French door sealing product delivers cost-efficient multi-point sealing power and automatic adjustments. No leaks. No deflection. No service calls.

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Ultimate Trilennium French Door Astragal

Ultimate Trilennium® Astragal

Working with the Trilennium Multi-Point Lock, the Trilennium Astragal delivers unmatched strength and security, and the ease-of-use of the patented Flip Lever.

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Ultimate Flip Lever French Door Astragal

Ultimate Flip LeverTM Astragal

Our Flip Lever Astragal is spring-loaded for maintenance-free sealing, while built-in Flip Lever locks and unlocks astragal in one flip – no reaching or bending.

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Ultimate Push Button French Door Astragal

Ultimate Push Button Astragal

Our Ultimate Push Button Astragal delivers enhanced sealing power and added built-in security in a solution that’s easier to use, operating with the simple push of a button.

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Palm Tree Blowing in Wind for Hurricane French Door Astragal

Ultimate Hurricane Astragal

Maintaining the appearance and benefits of the Ultimate Push Button Astragal, the Ultimate Hurricane Astragal provides the additional performance and protection needed in severe weather.

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Ultimate Slide Bolt French Door Astragal

Ultimate Slide Bolt Astragal

Our standard French door solution features a retractable boot that lifts with the bolt to prevent damage, while integrated weathersealing components work to seal out infiltration.

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Ultimate Lite French Door Astragal

Ultimate Lite Astragal

The Ultimate Lite Astragal delivers industry-trusted performance in a more cost-efficient design, fighting infiltration and securing the unit in place for lasting protection.

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Need extra materials in a pinch? We’ve got you covered. Order through our online retail partner, BetterDoor, and get the products you need, fast.

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