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A Smarter DoorTM Starts With Smarter Components.


We do one thing, and we do it better than anyone else in the industry. We make exterior door components that work better, install faster and last longer, while automatically adapting to opening conditions to deliver truly maintenance-free performance. Whether it’s rot-proof exterior door jambs, auto-adjusting thresholds and sill systems, unmatched multi-point locks or high-performance astragal solutions for French doors – we have a solution that will never stop working for you.

Endura ZAC Sills & Sealing Systems

Sills & Sealing Systems

Lights off? Check. Door locked? Check. Door sealed? Check. With Powered By EnduraTM sills and sealing systems, you can rest assured that your door is locked AND sealed tight.

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Endura French Door Solutions

French Door Solutions

Powered By Endura astragal solutions are easy to use and never stop working for you – automatically sealing out air, water and insects, and providing secure protection for your home.

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Endura Frames & Mulls

Frames & Mulls

Rot-proofing your door has never been easier. Whether you have a single door, French door or even sidelights, we have the high-performance frame products you need for a strong, protected entryway.

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Endura Weathersealing and Accessories


Weathersealing and installation accessories from Endura work behind the scenes to ensure easier installation and lasting protection against air and water.

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Trilennium® Multi-Point Locking

Multi-Point Locking

Protect your home and preserve your style with the industry’s strongest multi-point locking system. Trilennium delivers the protection of three full deadbolts.

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Replacement Parts

Need extra materials in a pinch? We’ve got you covered. Order through our online retail partner, BetterDoor, and get the products you need, fast.

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