Endura® Multi-Point Locking Systems

Protect Your Home. Preserve Your Style.

Multipoint locks provide extra security and performance for entry doors by adding two additional locking points in addition to your deadbolt. These extra points provide protection on multiple levels: deflecting impact during attempted break ins, and forming a more perfect seal against the elements by pulling the door into alignment.

Endura’s PanoLock® Plus Multi-Point Locking System is a one-of-a-kind multi-point lock that works with off-the-shelf hardware, supports a forgiving installation, and offers lasting performance, all at an affordable price point. Whether knob, lever, or thumbpress, PanoLock Plus is compatible with most off-the-shelf hardware.

Endura’s Trilennium® Multi-Point Locking System delivers 3x the strength, 3x the security and 3x the performance with one multi-point locking system. Plus, with Trilennium, unmatched protection doesn’t have to mean compromised style. Trilennium offers a growing portfolio of attractive handset designs to suit any taste and budget.

A Family Enters a home through a Panolock Door

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Excellence in style, quality, and protection. Trilennium corrects misalignment in 3 different directions, even fighting deflection when unlocked for lasting, error-free operation.

PanoLock® Plus

PanoLock Plus – The new generation of multi-point locks. Compatible with most off-the-shelf hardware.

Why MultiPoint Locks?

Security. The two additional locking points in addition to your deadbolt provide superior protection against deflection and will keep your door secure against impacts during attempted break-ins.

Performance. A 3-point lock works daily to protect your home against the elements. Three locking points placed strategically at the top, middle, and bottom of your door panel pull the door into alignment, forming a perfect seal every time you lock your door.

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