The Simple Solution® Corner Pad

The Simple Solution Corner Pad

Small Component. Maximum Sealing Power.

Wind-driven moisture at the “crucial corner” of a door system can cause water to flow up the weatherstrip channel, over the sill and into the home. The Simple Solution Corner Pad, with its unique design, counteracts upward water pressure, and forms a tight seal between the sill, panel and frame, even with wide strike margins, to protect against air and water infiltration and dramatically improve door system performance.

Simple Solution Corner Pad

The Simple Solution® Corner Pad Features:

Counteracts Water Infiltration

Unique design creates space in the weatherstrip channel, counteracting upward water pressure to do away with a common source of leaks.

Enhanced Sealing Power

Innovative design with dual sealing lobes delivers increased contact with the panel and corner pad, providing consistent compression and unmatched sealing power, even when wide margins are present.

Simple Installation | Reversible

Square design makes application easier than ever before, featuring a locator edge and weatherstrip clearance area to guide installation.

Resists Tearing and Damage

One-of-a-kind shape makes contact with the door panel later in the closing process, while full-back adhesive seals the entire pad to the frame to resist damage and deliver lasting, reliable performance.

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