Small in Size, Big in Impact.

Weathersealing Systems

When weather comes knocking, don’t let it in. World-class weathersealing systems Powered by Endura® are trusted by professionals and homeowners alike to protect the longevity of their door entry systems and save on total energy costs.

Whatever the Weather

Weatherize. Weather stripping. Whatever you call it, call on Endura. Our weathersealing solutions are a cut above the rest when it comes to:

  • Sealing air leaks
  • Preventing drafts
  • Keeping moisture out

Weathersealing is only as effective as its durability. That’s why Endura products are held to the highest standards, built for efficiency inside and out. A better barrier against heat, high wind, snow, and rain.

Better Solutions for Better Professionals

When it comes to weatherization, better solutions mean fewer repairs and fewer service calls after installation, saving time and money for professionals and homeowners.

Don’t sacrifice trust for your professional building brand. Honor the warranty if it’s needed. Not because it’s needed.

Corner Pads

Corners are often the most susceptible entry points in the door system, and each corner may have different needs. Endura’s corner solutions offer simple installation and lasting performance to weatherize your home.

The Simple Corner

  • Easy to Install
  • Exceptional durability
  • Effective against high air pressure

The Simple Corner is designed with innovative life-long foam to fit the upper corners of the door system in conjunction with compression weather stripping, creating a superior seal.

Simple Solution® Corner Pad

  • Unique reversible design
  • Resists tearing and damage
  • Counteracts water infiltration

The Simple Solution® Corner Pad works at the “crucial corners” at the bottom of the door, where water can flow up over the door sill and even the weather strip. With its unique design, this corner pad offers enhanced sealing power, even at wide margins.

Weather Stripping

It’s true. Doorways see some heavy traffic. But so does your weathersealing. Combined with weather and water, it’s even easier for weatherstripping to break down over time, quickly becoming inefficient, causing cracks, warping, or even new leaks.

The Endura PE650 weatherstrip is built to outlast the competition. Cutting down water absorption by 50%, its resilient memory construction retains its shape even as the door swings open and shut, keeping a tighter seal over time.

Door Bottoms

From traditional door sweep bottom solutions to innovative fin and bulb systems, Endura products create a superior barrier against air drafts and water leaks.

While other door bottoms rely on the fin to provide a thin line of contact for the seal, Endura’s door bottoms combine fin and bulb shapes for a greater sealing surface and unmatched protection.

Leading Edge Bulb Design

  • Superior protection with fixed or adjustable sill systems
  • Retains its shape
  • Maintains tight contact

Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ Door Bottom

  • Compatible with Z-AC auto-adjusting sill systems
  • When used with Z-AC cap, compression guarantees proper closing & sealing
  • Provides superior weathersealing, even with imperfect margins

Outperform. Outlast. Keep Weather OUT.

When it comes to weathersealing, Endura is the expert. Invest in the best for lasting performance and better door solutions. Learn more about our full line of weather strip systems to protect every door, every time.

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