A flawless finish that’s built to last. FusionFrame® is more than a composite door frame.

IBS 2020 Finalist for FusionFrame composite door frame kit

Introducing FusionFrame®

Reset your expectations when it comes to the performance and quality of maintenance-free door frames. FusionFrame® combines the benefits of all-wood and all-composite exterior frames to exceed the performance of other maintenance-free products, while delivering innovative features that help to overcome common installation challenges in the field.

Beyond composite. Better than wood.

Get the best of both worlds with FusionFrame:

Enhanced Installation

The removable jamb stop cover, adjustable brickmould and a built-in bubble level help overcome common challenges and deliver a better install with a seamless finish.

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Innovative Design

The structural support of a wood frame meets the maintenance-free performance of composite in one frame solution containing a rigid wood core, composite bottom, and composite exterior.

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Flexible Assembly

Flexibility to build and assemble exactly what you need without compromise with rippable jamb widths, as well as a full portfolio of jamb, brickmould, and mull profiles and options.

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In the Field

A Better Install, Without Limitations.

  • A. Adjustable Brickmould
  • B. Fewer Shims Required
  • C. Built-in Bubble Level
  • D. Mar-Free Install
  • E. Blemish-Free Brickmould

FrameSaver FusionFrame puts an end to the most common challenges of all- composite and all-wood frames, such as:

Limited rippability, resulting in exposed edges and glued up seams

Limited options and accessories, failing to fully meet your needs

Bending and bowing

Shimming every foot or worse

Wicking and rotting

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Product Design

Durability Meets Maintenance-Free

Rigid Engineered Core: Jambs, mulls and brickmould    stand strong against bending and bowing, regardless of temperature or installation conditions.

Maintenance-Free: As part of the FrameSaver product line, FusionFrame features a maintenance-free composite bottom that won’t wick or rot, wrapped in a composite skin for lasting, worry-free performance.

Supports Sidelite & Hinged Patio Applications: With a rigid engineered core, FusionFrame mulls stand strong and eliminate concerns with thermal bow.

Supports Storm Door Installations: FusionFrame jambs and brickmould deliver needed rigidity to support storm door installations, even when the temperature rises.

In The Shop

Build What You Need Without Compromise

Rippable Jamb Widths: In addition to 4-9/16″ and 6-9/16″ standard jamb options, FusionFrame is also available in two rippable jamb widths, collectively delivering unlimited jamb-depth adjustability between 4-9/16″ and 8-9/16″ without compromising the finish:

  • 4-9/16″ +2″  Rippable: Can be ripped to any width between 6-9/16″ and 4-9/16″
  • 6-9/16″ +2″ Rippable: Can be ripped to any width between 8-9/16″ and 6-9/16″

Unique, Rippable Brickmould Option: Can be cut to perfectly fit the jamb and cover exposed edges for a flawless, seamless finish.

Rippable 2-Piece Jamb
Spread Mull

 A full portfolio of mull options to meet your needs:

  • Standard: 1″ x 2″
  • Fatboy: 1.5″ x 2.5″
  • Back-to-Back
  • Spread Mulls

Finishing Freedom

FusionFrame is available with a paintable, pre-finished white or a stainable, textured finish, delivering the convenience of a field-ready product or the freedom to finish however you please to meet your needs.



Literature and Resources

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