Entry Door Frames

Small in Size, Big in Impact.

Building better homes for your clients starts with using the best materials available. Reduce service calls and save your customers (and yourself) several headaches by installing entry door frames proven to outlast and outperform the competition with Endura’s selection of traditional wood or FrameSaver®️ exterior door frame solutions.

FrameSaver Exterior Door Frame

Professionals and homeowners alike have trusted FrameSaver’s innovative, rot-proof exterior door frame solutions for over 15 years. FrameSaver is backed by a fully-transferable lifetime limited warranty – but we’re happy to tell you that you’ll never need it. We’ve never had a warranty claim on a FrameSaver entry door frame product.

The FrameSaver rot-proof exterior door frame technology is available on:

  • Jambs
  • Mulls
  • Brickmould
  • Flat casing

While wood frames require extra finishing and swell, mold, and rot due to their water-wicking qualities, FrameSaver products are mold-proof and rot-proof due to their composite features that prevent moisture infiltration.

Why is FrameSaver a better investment than PVC full-composite frames or standard wood frames?

FrameSaver doesn’t just delay the inevitable inconvenience of swelling and rot like rot-resistant entry door frames, FrameSaver prevents moisture damage altogether. Thanks to the wood frame and composite features, FrameSaver offers greater endurance and reliability than PVC full-composite door frame components, and will never warp due to extreme temperatures.

With its proven record of quality, durability, and performance, you can be confident in your decision to partner with Endura and invest in the best entry door frame components for your customers, like FrameSaver.

Standard Wood Entry Door Frame Options

Endura is proud to offer our partners the following wood frame components:


Available in primed and unprimed varieties with a multitude of machining options, such as:

  • Pre-installed strike plates, hinges, and weatherstripping
  • Hinge prep mortising
  • Strike and deadbolt prep and pilot holes


The perfect complement to all of Endura’s wood door frame components, our brickmould is sanded and finger-jointed without knots or irregularities for a seamless, clean finish.

Mulls & Mull Packs

Like the rest of our wood door frame line, Endura’s mulls are available in primed or unprimed versions and available in variety of machining options to provide the best fit for your projects. One-piece mulls are perfect for reinforcing patio or continuous sidelite units. Mull packs provide machined configurations with pre-drilled screw holes and error-free pre-cut measurements for a system that easily fits together flawlessly.

All of Endura’s standard wood frame components feature our 180-day primer, which gives you an additional 180 days before your frames will need a finish coating and offers you more flexibility and peace of mind on the job.

Endura offers a wide variety of entry door frame sizes and machining options, so you can be ready to take on any project with the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing your entry door frames are Powered by Endura.

Enjoy the reliability, flexibility, and durability of superior door frame solutions by contacting your Endura representative today.