About Endura Products

We improve people's experience of the world every day.

Endura Products, Inc. is proud to be a U.S.-based manufacturer of components for entry door systems that enhance performance, save time, eliminate service calls and cut costs, delivering a smarter door experience for everyone, every time.

Endura products employees

Our vision is to lead the industry through the design and development of uniquely innovative products, services and processes which continuously improve long term building performance, provide exceptional value and enhance people’s lives.

Our Culture

  • Customer Focus is Mandatory
  • Encourage Individual Thinking
  • Constant & Consistent Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Organizational Success First
  • Responsiveness is Critical
  • Driven to Listen, Learn, Identify & Uniquely Solve Real Problems

What Does it Mean to be Powered By Endura?

When your door systems are Powered By Endura®, you and your customers get a lot more than just door components. You get cost-cutting performance fueled by real-world experience, all backed by award-winning innovation and built by more than 750 passionate workers who take pride in their work, so you can take pride in the door systems you put into the world.

At Endura, we don’t just make products – we make solutions. 

We’re not just another supplier – we’re a partner for life.

Endura Products is proud to be a U.S.-based manufacturer of exterior door components that enhance performance, save time, eliminate service calls and cut costs, delivering a smarter door experience for everyone, every time. It’s this pride, backed by the passion, hard work and creativity of more than 750 employees from our plants in North Carolina, Texas and Oregon, that powers our business at every level, in every way, even down to the design of our logo.

The Industry’s Best System Performance – Now Even Better:

Red Endura WrenchNo Adjustments. Better Install. No Callbacks.

Our systems offer innovative components that automatically seal and adjust for an easy, hassle-free installation process and lasting performance, even if the opening isn’t perfect and as conditions change over time. Save time. Eliminate callbacks. Boost your savings.

Certified Third-Party Tested. Proven Performance.

All Certified Powered By Endura Door Systems are Third-Party Certified Tested to ensure superior performance and a system that works long after others fail.

Red Endura Rain Cloud IconSmarter Components. Better Door System.

Certified Powered By Endura Door Systems deliver the unmatched performance and quality of the industry’s best door components, working together to save you valuable time, money and resources for an overall smarter door experience.

Red Endura CheckmarkClearly Defined, Strong Warranty.

Don’t just take our word for it. Certified Powered By Endura Door Systems are backed by a clearly defined, strong warranty. No guessing or getting blindsided by the fine print. If your system fails due to component failure, we’ll reimburse you a clear, exact amount.


Endura is committed to improving building practices with products, systems, and processes which enhance performance and provide exceptional value throughout the entire product life cycle.

  • Focus our efforts in areas where we have maximum strength and abilities, and avoid participation in areas where we cannot make unique and worthy contributions.
  • Foster an environment that encourages the individuality of our employees, their open thinking and contributions.
  • Provide the highest value to cost products and services in the industry.
  • Be recognized by maintaining high standards of honesty and integrity.
  • Enhance our customers’ success with an in-depth understanding of their business and market needs.
  • Make a fair profit and reinvest in the business.
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