PanoLock Handleset Selection and Adapter Guide

Compatible Handleset Brands

Most multi-point locks are limited to specific handlesets compatible with the locking system, leaving you “locked in” when it comes to choosing the handleset style and type.

PanoLock Multi-Point Locking System is designed to be compatible with most off-the-shelf hardware, offering you the freedom to choose the style you want, not the style you have to settle for.

The hardware you choose will determine the adapter used during installation in order to allow PanoLock to function. For compatible brands and more information about choosing the right adapter to make PanoLock work on your door, refer to this page.

About PanoLock

Compatible hardware brands include:








*Excluding Uptown/Downtown product lines. Please see below for more information.
**Excluding Torrey Pines and Estate product lines. Please see below for more information. Not compatible with Baldwin emergency egress style handsets.
***Excluding Push-Pull-Rotate product lines. Please see below for more information.

Handleset Technical Requirements

Below are the base requirements for all handlesets to be compatible with PanoLock. Please compare these requirements to handlesets before purchasing, even if the brand is listed as compatible.

Strike & Deadbolt Spacing 

Handlesets must be compatible with 5.5″ strike and deadbolt spacing.

Backset Measurements

Handleset must work with a backset of 2 3/8″

Choosing an Adapter

PanoLock’s adapter pack is designed to allow you to pair your multi-point lock with almost any off-the-shelf knob, lever, or thumbpress. When installing your handleset, the adapter you choose will depend on the brand and type of lock. Refer to the chart to select the right adapter for your hardware.

Still not sure what you need? Contact customer support for more information.

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Installing Your Handle Set

Get More with PanoLock

PanoLock is a multi-point lock designed to work with most off-the-shelf hardware and provides enhanced security and a smoother performance over traditional or other multi-point locks. Learn more about what PanoLock has to offer today.

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