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Technical Information
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If we have not answered your question, please call us at 800-334-2006.


General Questions 

  • Why should I select Endura components? 

    • Endura Products is an industry leader in manufacturing door components that will eliminate air and water infiltration into the home.  Endura succeeds in superior customer service by giving support that is second to none and delivering tangible improvements to millwork products and our customer's business including research and testing on every product for every customer territory.
  • How can I get pricing for Endura components? 

    • You can either call our Customer Service professionals toll-free at 800-334-2006 or contact a Sales Representative in your area.
  • How can I get a list of local Endura dealers in my area? 

  • How can I get a free catalog of Endura's products? 

  • Where can I get replacement parts for my Endura components? 

    • Please call our Customer Service professionals toll-free at 800-334-2006 or use our Dealer/Distributor Locator to find a store near you.
  • How do I install your products? 

  • Does Endura warranty their products? 

    • Endura offers a Limited Warranty on all of our products.  FrameSaver® has an unlimited Lifetime Warranty that is transferable to successive homeowners.  Our standard frames can include a Decade Warranty.  PDF files are available online for all of our warranty information.
  • What does DP rating stand for? 

    • Design Pressure.  This rating is based on performance of the door unit when subjected to severe weather conditions such as hurricanes and tornadoes.  The rating will depend on air and water infiltration and structural integrity of the door unit during the testing.
  • What kind of doors does Endura make? 

    • Endura does not make doors.  We make everything that goes around a door to make it work perfectly by eliminating air and water infiltration.
  • What is the difference in quantities between Bulk Pack and Carton Pack? 

    • Bulk Pack is for large quantities placed on a skid.  We are required to send +/- 10% of the requested quantity.  For example, if the order was for 100, Endura would send 90-110 pieces.  Carton Pack is mainly used for wood components.  These come in packs of 10 and are shipped on a skid.

FrameSaver Product FAQs 

  • Does FrameSaver® really work? 

    • FrameSaver® is field proven with over 13 years of no reported instances of composite damage or rot due to moisture.

  • What is covered by the Warranty?  

    • FrameSaver® products will not rot, decay or suffer fungal damage resulting from water absorption through the bottom of the frame.  Rot, mold or other damage to other machined areas (such as hinge pockets) is not covered and care should be taken to properly caulk and finish these areas, particularly on outswing doors.  Click here for full description of warranty.

  • What is the composite material made of and is it environmentally friendly? 

    • Every FrameSaver® frame has a 4" composite piece consisting of co-extruded recycled wood shavings and virgin plastic.  The wood shavings are recycled post industrial products and the upper wood portion is Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified product. 

  • How soon after installation should the frames be painted?  

    • FrameSaver® comes with a 180 day primer.  However, we recommend that final finishing occur within 90 days of installation to minimize exposure to dirt, moisture and excessive sunlight. If longer than 90 days, surface should be cleaned and completely dried prior to final finishing. 

  • Do FrameSaver® frames require special installation procedures? 

    • No, installation of door units with FrameSaver® frames is consistent with those with standard wood frames.  Please refer to our installation instructions page for details on proper door installation.

  • What paint should be used for final finishing to FrameSaver® frames? 

    • We recommend the use of a high grade exterior latex (preferably 100% acrylic or acrylic modified with polyurethane) house paint; it should be applied and allowed to dry under temperatures and humidity as recommended by the paint manufacturer. 

  • What if I want to strip and repaint the entire frame? 

    • We recommend sanding the entire frame (composite section as well) down to the raw material, repriming with an exterior oil based alkyd/primer (drying per manufacturers instructions), and final painting per the above. 

  • How should FrameSaver® frames be maintained? 

    • FrameSaver® frames do not require special maintenance.  However, as with all exterior wood products, repainting every 1-5 years (depending upon exposure) is required.  Any signs of paint blistering, peeling or cracking should be immediately repaired to protect the wood underneath.  All joints between the frames, mulls, brickmould, header and sill should be periodically checked and resealed with a high grade exterior caulk.

  • What kind of machining can be done on a FrameSaver® frame? 

    • Only the routing of mortises for hinges and locks may be done to the door jambs and mull posts.  Any trimming or cutting must be done in accordance with Endura's instructions that at least 3" of composite materials must remain for the warranty to be valid. 

  • How can I tell that my door frame is genuine FrameSaver®? 

    • FrameSaver® jambs are identified with an embossed logo and the words, "FrameSaver® - Rot Proof Guarantee", on the composite portion at the bottom of the stop (thick) portion of the left hand jamb.

  • Where can the Warranty be found? 

  • What if a customer has a Warranty Claim for rot on FrameSaver®? 

  • How do I get FrameSaver® on my door frame? 

    • Your builder, architect, or remodeler needs to specify FrameSaver® from the distributor where exterior doors are purchased.

  • Does the frame require special assembly or installation procedures? 

    • No, FrameSaver® machines, assembles, and installs just like standard wooden frames. 

  • How much composite material is required on the bottom of the frame? 

    • Endura's research indicates and the warranty requires three inches of composite on the bottom end of each FrameSaver® product. 

  • In what quantities is FrameSaver® available? 

    • FrameSaver® can be ordered as few as a 200 pair and qualify for volume discounts beginning at 400 pair.
  • How is FrameSaver® shipped? 

    • Shipping options vary from LTL to freight-free truckload volumes.
  • What widths and lengths do the FrameSaver® frames come in? 

    • All FrameSaver® frames are available in 6-8, 7-0 and 8-0 lengths and our stock inventory is 4-9/16 - 5-1/4 - 6-9/16.

ADA Compliant Sills FAQs 

  • What is ADA? 

    • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) contains prescriptive language governing the size and features of thresholds in building entrances which are required to be “accessible” for persons with disabilities.  The international Codes (Residential - IRC, Building - IBC) include requirements meeting this language, and thus mandate the usage of ADA compliant door sills where specified.

      Endura Products, Inc has responded to the requirements of ADA, IRC and IBC by designing a line of compliant inswing and outswing sills.

  • What are ADA requirements for sills? 

    • ADA

      ADA accessible threshold requirements are specified in US government regulation 28 CFR part 36.  Specifically, this mandates the following.

      Section 4.5.2
      • Allows 1/4” maximum vertical height change between threshold levels.
      • Changes in height between 1/4” and 1/2” must be beveled with a slope no greater than 1:2 (26.5 degrees)
      Section 4.13.8
      • Allows 1/2” maximum threshold height (for non-sliding doors)
      • Changes in height between 1/4” and 1/2” must be beveled with a slope no greater than 1:2 (26.5 degrees)


      IBC Section 1008.1
      • Allows 1/2” maximum threshold height (for non-sliding doors)
      • Changes in height greater than 1/4” must be beveled with a slope no greater than 1:2 (26.5 degrees)

      IRC Section  R322.1
      • Requires compliance to IBC Chapter 11
      • IBC Chapter 11 requires conformance to standard ICC/ANSI A117.1.
      • ICC/ANSI A117.1 requirements for threshold mimic ADA requirements.

  • What does Endura offer to meet ADA requirements? 

    • Endura’s Z-Series ADA compliant sills:

      • Are designed with a top surface height of 1/2”.
      • Have a maximum vertical rise of 1/4”.
      • Have a maximum beveled deck of 8 degrees.