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Performance Standard



Selecting the right components for the right application - that is imperative when selecting entry door systems and related door components, particularly in areas where severe weather is commonplace. Understanding the importance of location and exposure is key in choosing the optimal entry door and door components for your structure.

Expectations for door and sill performance should be determined by the entry door location, to great extent. Exposure to damage causing wind and rain can adversely affect both door performance and appearance. Exposure can be limited and the entry door system's aesthetics preserved to some extent through partial overhangs. Since patio and back doors do not typically have such overhangs, these door entry systems are often adversely affected by runoff water from the facade wall above the door. Typically, surfaces that face the most adverse weather conditions require the highest performance from an entry door system, door sill, frame and weathersealing.

Whether you're in search of door entry systems for new constructions or looking to replace existing door components, consider Endura Products. As the leading manufacturer of performance entry door systems and door components, we've been solving air and water infiltration issues for over 50 years. Contact us today to find out what Endura Products can do to mitigate wind and rain damage, saving you time, money and aggravation.