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Product Overview :: Weatherseals
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Overview - Weatherseals

With wind or wind-driven rain, air pressure increases on the exterior side of a door system causing water to infiltrate the interior of homes that do not have proper door seals. The Simple Solution® is a compression corner weatherseal with a patented design to seal the door’s weatherstripping at the crucial corner preventing water from percolating up and over the threshold.

Proper weatherstrip seals the top and sides of exterior doors with the frame, eliminating air and water infiltration and creating the ideal door seal.

Our unique and innovative door seal solution has been designed and tested to create the ideal barrier for wind or wind-driven rain.

And now it’s easier than ever to protect both the weatherstrip and The Simple Solution® from painting mishaps with Endura’s innovative Protective Paint Film.

Problem Weatherseal

Poor performing door bottoms, bad weatherstrip positioning and weak corner pads allow water infiltration that lead to water damage.

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