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Product Overview :: Weatherseals
Performance Standard


Door Bottom

Door Bottoms

Tested reliability.  We manufacture different styles of door bottoms that are designed to fit on most major brands of doors.  Our door bottoms incorporate dual durometer extrusions and top-quality design derived from extensive testing.  Endura door bottoms offer a superior barrier against air and water infiltration.  The hardy material used in the leading edge bulb design allows the door bottom to retain its shape and maintain tight contact with the sill.

Best of all, Endura door bottoms and door sweeps are a convenient and inexpensive way to seal a room, conserving energy and saving you time and money.

With “fin” door bottoms, there is only a thin line of contact between the sill and the fin. As illustrated below, time and wear can warp the fins, resulting in a loss of contact between the door and sill. On a traditional door bottom with the “fin” or “finger” design, the fins do not create a consistent seal and this allows even more air and moisture infiltration.

Door Bottoms

The Leading Edge Bulb Design provides a wider, stronger quality seal to keep back air and moisture. With the bulb design, a continuous seal forms along the dam, creating maximum area of surface contact between the door and sill so the door bottom fits securely. The bulb also retains its shape far longer than a fin design, providing long lasting performance.

Force 5 Door Bottoms

Using these door bottoms as part of the Endura Door Component System will improve your doors performance. Force 5™ Door Bottoms represent the best that our research and development engineers have designed, and are configured to fit a variety of major door brands. Endura’s line of door bottoms and door sweeps are easy to install and will provide the protection you need against moisture, drafts, insects and other unwanted infiltrators.