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Product Overview :: Sills :: Z-series
Performance Standard

Z-Series Articulating Cap

Z-Articulating Cap Sill™
How Much are Your Doors Really Costing You?

Count your savings, and cut your costs.

Do you know how much you or your customers are really spending on assembling, installing, adjusting and servicing door units? Your costs don't stop at the door.

In the real world, door assemblies and installations aren’t perfect, resulting in performance issues. Sills aren’t adjusted properly, if at all. Proper caulking in both the shop and field rarely happens. Installations are often out of plumb or out of square. And corner pads are rarely applied correctly, often missing completely.

The Result? Valuable time and money is wasted on costly service calls and repairs. In fact, our research and conversations with customers have shown that the cost to adjust sills, replace missing pads, or otherwise service the door unit during or after installation at least $1 per minute, oftentimes up to $75 per service call or more.

Next Generation Z-Articulating Cap Sill™
Introducing the next-generation Z-Series Articulating Cap Sill™ (Z-AC) from Endura, a revolutionary, self-compensating sill that was specially designed to address the “real world” of shop assembly and installation. 

With its unique cap, integrated end-sealing assemblies and complementary door bottom, Z-AC completely does away with the real world causes of door unit failure. Z-Ac eliminates the need to caulk the sill and door bottom, either in the shop, upon or after installation; self compensates for variations in margins; and delivers performance that other sills fail to provide even with marginal assemblies or installations.

Tested to Outperform
Z-AC has been tested and proven to outperform every other sill product on the market in both perfect and imperfect conditions, significantly reducing the likelihood of door unit failure and eliminating the need for costly service calls, adjustment and door unit repair. With Z-AC you can stop counting your costs and start counting your savings.