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Performance Standard

Exterior Frame Components


One piece mulls give you the strength required for patio or continuous sidelite units and are easy to finish – no extra finishing strips required.  With Endura’s excellent craftsmanship, you will never have to worry about knots or other weakened places in the mull.  The finger joints give strength without “opening” or separating.  Every mull is sanded smooth and features Endura’s 180-day primer for solid coverage, giving you and your customer additional time before finish coating is required.  All mulls are also available with our Decade end treatment for protection against moisture.  

 Unprimed Mull Primed Mull
Unprimed Mull                 Primed Mull

Machining options include:
Head and sill dado
Hinge prep mortising
Pre-installed hinges and weather-stripping

Mull Options