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Product Overview :: Exterior Frame Components
Performance Standard

Exterior Frame Components

Special Options

Endura will meet the needs of any customer; for any order.  There are several options when placing an order for a frame component and Endura does them all. 

 Sloped Transom Sill Jamb
Sloped Transom Sill Jamb

To make a customer's order more efficient, Endura will service the requests for special options, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Stitched Back-to-Back Jambs
    Sloped Transom Sill Jamb
  • Double Rabbet Jambs
  • Fire Rated Jambs
  • Unprimed Jambs, Unprimed Rabbet Jambs
  • Various Machining and End Work capabilities
  • Headers, Hinges, Strike plates
  • Prep for easy installation
  • Dado
  • Drill holes for Endura sill
  • Apply hinges and weatherstrip
  • Haunches
  • Low Dam and High Dam oak
  • Z-Series Inswing and Outswing
  • Decade sealant gives a 10 year warranty on primed and unprimed components
Routed Strike Plate