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Performance Standard

Outswing Door Top Seal
September 2012
Endura Public Relations Contact:
Tessa Ramezane
(336) 668-2472


Product Summary

Endura Products announces the release of the Outswing Door Top Seal. This seal is designed to prevent water from pooling at the top door margin during heavy, wind-driven rain and to reduce the potential for subsequent infiltration. 

The Door Top Seal is an easy-to-install, preventative component that is quickly secured by stapling it to the exterior edge of the top of the panel. Certified tests conducted by Endura Products have demonstrated that the use of the Door Top Seal can significantly increase DP ratings 5 to 20 lbs/ft2, depending on type of panel and other door unit components. In comparison, when the Door Top Seal is not incorporated into the test unit, the pooling that occurs leads to increased water infiltration, revealing the Door Top Seal to be an essential component for high-performing outswing door units. Therefore, because of the significant increase in performance, and the resulting benefits to our customers, builders and homeowners, Door Top Seals are recommended for outswing door units, and are mandatory in Force 5 Systems.

Key Features 

• Creates a seal between the top of the door and header to divert water down the exterior of the door. 

• Bottom fin and edge lip features are incorporated to prevent intrusion of water under the Door Top Seal.


Solves issue of pooling in top margin by directing water out of margin and down exterior of door, away from areas sensitive to water infiltration. Increases DP rating by up to 20 lbs/ft2, depending on panel and other unit components. 

Product Availability

• Offered in lengths of 32” and 36”

• Offered in carton quantities of 25

• Offered in brown or primed for prefinishing



About Endura Products, Inc.

Endura Products, Inc. manufactures entry door component systems that improve door construction, door installation and long-term performance in the home. Endura components improve functionality, maximize the seal between the door and the opening, and reduce air and water infiltration.

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