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Performance Standard

Low Wick Weathersealing
October 2010
Endura Public Relations Contact:
Tessa Ramezane
(336) 668-2472

Product Summary

Endura would like to introduce the all new, innovative Low Wick Weathersealing to the PE650 and Simple Solution Corner Pad product lines. The patented, exclusive to Endura, low wick weathersealing features a foam formulation that has been modified to provide a combination of closed-cell and open-cell structure. As moisture wicks into the foam, its travel and subsequent volume is limited once it contacts the closed cells.


The majority of foam weatherseals are fabricated with open cell urethane foam surrounded by a polyethylene liner. The open cell foam is exposed at each end of weatherstrip and corner pads.  The nature of open cell foam is that it will result in wicking when the ends are exposed to moisture. However, once the moisture source is removed then the absorbed water will drain from weatherstrip or corner pad.  This product is not a zero-absorption material, as only a closed cell foam or flexible solid material obtain zero absorption.

Key Features:

  • Low Wick added as a standard in product lines PE650 and Simple Solution Corner Pads.
  • Exclusive to Endura, with patented performance.
  • The low water wicking foam absorbs over 50% less water
  • The stiffness of low-wicking foam is 60% higher in the PE650 profile. The larger cross-section at the elbow accounts for this.
  • Low wick PE650 and Simple Solution Corner Pads will continue to show equivalent or higher performance results than standard material. See table 1.


  • As moisture wicks into the foam, its travel and subsequent volume is limited once it contacts the closed cells.
  • Continuing to improve weathersealing performance by upgrading product materials.
  • Exclusive to Endura Products and Force 5 Door SystemsTM
  • Snaps back into shape after being bent or compressed.
  • Low wicking foam formulation provides you with a higher performing product.

Product Availability



PE650: 100-400; 500-800; 900-1100; 1200+

PE650 Bulk: 1 skid, 2+ skids

Simple Solution: 1 Box, 5 Boxes, 10 Boxes, 20+ Boxes

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