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Performance Standard

ADA Lite Sills
February 2011
Endura Public Relations Contact:
Tessa Ramezane
(336) 668-2472

Product Summary

Introducing the new “ADA Lite” sill as a less expensive option that provides a lower cost sill that is designed to maintain strength and performance. “ADA Lite” sill performs and fits Residential ADA Compliant requirements.  Endura has made 3 new profiles available of “saddle type” ADA compliant sills - a 5”, a 5” tileback and a 7”. Endura will maintain the current “Heavy Duty 5” and 5” Tile Back designs and offer these two new designs as well. These are for light commercial and multi-family uses, but have substantially reduced materials while preserving the integrity of the sill.  Please note: In conjunction with the release of these products, Endura will be discontinuing the heavy duty ADA 7” saddle sill – the HCI7000.

Key Features

-Less aluminum for a lower cost

-Tested to perform

-ADA Compliant

-Light Commercial and Multi-family use

-Bracket feature


-Uniquely supported design allows for thinner aluminum structure while maintaining strength and performance of sill

-Allows 1/2” maximum threshold or top surface height, meeting the ADA code requirement

-Residential and Light Commercial offers the same durable aluminum used in current ADA sills

-400 lb. rollover testing proved to perform and pass necessary weight requirements

-Bracket feature provides extra level of securing to frame - See attached instructions.



Product Availability



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