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Performance Standard

Z-Plus Single Sill Design
July 2011
Endura Public Relations Contact:
Tessa Ramezane
(336) 668-2472

Product Summary

Endura Products is announcing a design modification of the Z-Plus single sill. This modification includes:

• Cuttable length - from 3/0 to a 2/10 and 2/8 to a2/6.

• Incorporation of the deck roll-in-barb design on 3/0and 2/8 single sills.

• The roll-in-barb design is currently part of Z-FN and Z-FEN sills.

Key Features

Improved Cutability: The new Z-Plus substrate has been redesigned to enable cutability from a 3/0 to 2/10, as well as from a 2/8 to 2/6. The cutability on the Z-Plus sill as well as the Z Lineal sill is unique to these products in the Z Series family.

New Design

The revised design fully encapsulatesthe cap channel, eliminating the potential for water infiltration through the channel to the subfloor. The new substrate has a caulking surface approximately3-1/2” wide, as found on the Z-FN sill.


• Unique design provides improved cutability for singlesill applications.

• New Z-Plus short sill design uses the roll-in-barb technology that was developed for the FN sill. Roll-in barb design provides a more robust deck fit, as well as providing a water tight channel under the cap.

Product Availability: Immediately

Please Note: When cutting from a 3/0 to 2/10 and2/8 to 2/6 sill, the cap should be removed and cut separately. Cut each end to ensure the adjustment hardware remains centered along the length.


About Endura Products, Inc.

Endura Products, Inc. manufactures entry door component systems that improve door construction, door installation and long-term performance in the home. Endura components improve functionality, maximize the seal between the door and the opening, and reduce air and water infiltration.

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