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Trilennium 3000/3070 Routing Template Adapter Kit
May 2012
Endura Public Relations Contact:
Tessa Ramezane
(336) 668-2472


Endura Products announces the availability of the Trilennium 3000/3070 Routing Template Adapter Kit. This kit includes two dual-use end stops, which can be used to rout door stiles for both Trilennium 3000 (1” wide face plate) and Trilennium 3070 (7/8” wide face plate) Multi-Point Locks, and a unique 0.890” router bit for use with the 7/8” (3070) lock.

Key Features

• Routing for Trilennium 3070 instead of Trilennium 3000 locks (and vice versa) requires only swapping the positions of the dual-use end stops, so that the appropriate dimension label faces the middle of the routing template, and then switching router bits. This two-in-one routing template minimizes the set-up time required to switch between routing for 1” wide face plate locks and 7/8” wide face plate locks.

3000/3070 Routing Package for Templates Purchased Before March 1, 2012

• Template systems purchased prior to March 1, 2012 include only the original 1” end stops. Therefore, customers with this older template will have to purchase the new Trilennium 3000/3070 Routing Template Adapter Kit to rout door stiles for Trilennium 3070 locks. The new package includes the new dual-use end stops as well as the unique 0.890” router bit.

• Simply replace the original 1”-only end stops with the new dual-use end stops, configure them on the rails according to your desired rout, and be sure to use the unique 0.890” bit when routing for the 7/8” (3070) lock.

Trilennium Routing Template Package Purchased After March 1, 2012.

• Template packages purchased after March 1, 2012 already include the dual-use end stops. Therefore, customers with the new template package need only configure the dual-use end stops according to their desired rout, and use the appropriate router bit for a 1” (3000) or 7/8” (3070) lock.

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