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Performance Standard

Flip Lever Upgrade to Ultimate Astragal
November 2010
Endura Public Relations Contact:
Tessa Ramezane
(336) 668-2472

Product Summary

Bringing a feature to shop built doors that has, in the past, only been available on the highest end French Doors, Endura Products introduces a unique Flip Lever Option for the Ultimate Astragal product line. This upgrade adds simplicity to Flush Bolt operation and a solution to the sealing issues encountered due to varying depths of flush bolt engagement in the door sill and header. 

Operation of the the Flip Lever mechanism creates a synchronized activation of both the upper and lower flush bolts into the header and door sill through one motion. This eliminates the need for separate flush bolt mechanisms at the top and the bottom of the Ultimate Astragal for enhanced accessibility. When the Flip Lever is brought down, the flush bolts are engaged into the header frame and sill, creating a tight seal. When the Flip Lever is brought upward, the flush bolts are disengaged and the door is allowed to freely open and close. 

Additionally with the Flip-Lever option, the flush bolts and seal are spring-loaded, eliminating the need to bore at an exact depth for the flush bolts. When the Flip Lever is engaged, the Flush Bolt Sleeve Assembly, incorporating the patented Ultimate Astragal 3 Point seal, first moves to mate with the sill and header. Subsequently, a full throw of the Flip Lever brings the bolts themselves to meet the depth of the flush bolt retainers … no matter how deeply drilled! 

An additional feature incorporated in the Flip Lever Upgrade is the enhanced security. As the flush bolts are part of an integrated assembly driven by the flush bolt, and independent of the bolt sleeve, the flush bolts can not be pried open without operating the Flip Lever Assembly.

Key Features:

• Automatically engages both flush bolts in astragal with one easy move

• Spring loaded flush bolts are engaged into the header and footer of frame, creating a tight seal

• Easy to use, enhanced accessibility

• Standard in Multi-Point Locking Astragal

• Upgrade option in Ultimate Astragal

• Available in 6/8 and 8/0 lengths, standard options


• Ease of use; one smooth flip of the lever provides a tight seal

• Accurate bolt positioning; spring loaded floating boot finds the lowest point of the sill for accurate bolt positioning. Means no more daylight because the hole is not drilled deep enough.

• Unique feature that has only been available on high end doors

• Eliminates frustration of reaching to the top and bottom of astragal to lock your inactive door.

Product Availability:


Samples & Charges:

Samples of the Multi-Point and Flip Lever Astragals will be charged at the price level reflected by the “8” quantity. Upon the purchase of 8 Multi-Point or Flip Lever Astragals, (items cannot be combined), the customer will receive a merchandise credit in the amount of the previous charge.


Aluminum: White, Bronze, Mill

Veneer: Oak, Mahogany, Alder, Pine, Clear Fir


2, 8, 24, 64

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