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News :: Product Releases :: 2006
Performance Standard

Ultimate Compatible Astragal

Ultimate Compatible Astragal

Product Summary
Endura’s new Astragal is an innovative French Door solution with enhanced features providing log lasting performance against air and water infiltration.  These features include Endura Products’ patented three-point sealing system, 4-way adjustable strike and deadbolt positioning, full encapsulation of the inactive door panel and improved Long Reach weatherstrip positioning.  The flush bolt is designed with a “floating seal” that will not become deformed when the door is opened or closed and offers a tighter seal than traditional astragals.

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Designed for French Door systems with 7/8" astragal spacing, and 1 11/16" thick panels, this astragal is available from Endura as an Ultimate Astragal, a multi-point Hoppe Astragal and as an Ultimate Hurricane Astragal. This Astragal is non-reversible and has a thermally broken all-aluminum structural body available in white and bronze.  It accommodates 6/6, 6/8, 7/0, 7/6 and 8/0 door panel sizes.

For the Outswing versions, a Security Flange is available for both the standard strike and dead bolt and multi-point hardware system versions.

(Hoppe is a registered trademark of Hoppe North America Inc.)

Available in quantities of 8 per box.

About Endura Products, Inc.

Endura Products, Inc. manufactures entry door component systems that improve door construction, door installation and long-term performance in the home. Endura components improve functionality, maximize the seal between the door and the opening, and reduce air and water infiltration.

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