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Product Releases

Product Releases

January 2014
Endura Products is proud to introduce an expansion to the ZHCI Sill family, the ZHCI7812 (7-13/16”) ADA Compliant Sill. Previously, the ZHCI family did not have a thermally broken option greater than 6 5/8” wide and customers have utilized the HCIT7565 sill which lacked the dam and sidelite compatible features of the ZHCI products.    «view»

May 2012
Endura Products, Inc. is releasing a new addition to the Trilennium® family of locks. The Trilennium® 3070 has all the same features of the standard Trilennium® 3000, but with a narrow 7/8” faceplate specifically designed to fit more easily into proud edge door panels, reducing the potential for door panel damage during installation.    «view»

December 3, 2012
Endura Products, a door system component manufacturer in Greensboro North Carolina, has announced the introduction of the Z-Series Articulating Cap Sill (ZAC). Comprised of a patent-pending, spring-loaded sill cap and a custom door bottom, the ZAC is a self-adjusting sill system which overcomes “Real World” conditions. The Z-Series Articulating Cap Sill tagline says it all: the homeowner and our customers can finally”Stop Screwing Around.”    «view»

September 2012
Endura Products announces the release of the Outswing Door Top Seal. This seal is designed to prevent water from pooling at the top door margin during heavy, wind-driven rain and to reduce the potential for subsequent infiltration.    «view»

July 2012
Endura Products announces the release of the Astragal Paint Shield. This shield is designed to reduce the time and effort required to prepare an Ultimate or Multipoint (MPA) Astragal for pre-finishing, as well as to help improve the repeatability and accuracy of the customer’s pre-finishing process.    «view»

May 2012
Endura Products announces the availability of the Trilennium 3000/3070 Routing Template Adapter Kit. This kit includes two dual-use end stops, which can be used to rout door stiles for both Trilennium 3000 (1” wide face plate) and Trilennium 3070 (7/8” wide face plate) Multi-Point Locks, and a unique 0.890” router bit for use with the 7/8” (3070) lock.    «view»

May 2012
Endura Products announces the addition of the Trilennium 3070 to its line of multi-point locks.    «view»

July 2011
Endura Products is announcing a design modification of the Z-Plus single sill.    «view»

June 2011
Endura Products is announcing the release of the redesigned door panel stop profile. The lower and wider design of Endura's door stop provides for a more appealing finished door unit.    «view»

April 2011
SureSill™ from Endura is a user-friendly sill pan flashing system for doors and is designed for easy installation and to prevent water infiltration.    «view»

April 2011
To meet the requirements of applications with framing widths of up to 7-1/4”, as well as varying “non-standard” width applications, Endura Products is now offering the SureSill™ 10X™ Sill Pan.    «view»

March 2011
Endura Products is announcing the transition of the Z-FEN sills to a “Roll and Barb” design.    «view»

March 2011
Now available, hardwood exterior frames, mulls, mull headers and brick mould in Red Oak, Mahogany and Hemlock Fir!    «view»

February 2011
Introducing the new “ADA Lite” sill as a less expensive option that provides a lower cost sill that is designed to maintain strength and performance. “ADA Lite” sill performs and fits Residential ADA Compliant requirements.    «view»

November 2010
Endura Products is releasing the unique, performance tested, Multi-Point Locking Astragal! The all-in-one Multi-Point Astragal stops air and water infiltration by preventing door deflection inherent in traditional double-bore applications.    «view»

November 2010
Bringing a feature to shop built doors that has, in the past, only been available on the highest end French Doors, Endura Products introduces a unique Flip Lever Option for the Ultimate Astragal product line.    «view»

October 2010
Endura would like to introduce the all new, innovative Low Wick Weathersealing to the PE650 and Simple Solution Corner Pad product lines. The low water wicking foam absorbs over 50% less water!    «view»

October 2010
Get the performance and modularity of the Z-Series sill with a real wood cap that meets the aesthetic requirements of your millwork package.    «view»

June 2010
To address additional versions and enhanced performance of Hoppe 3 Point Locking hardware, Endura is expanding its offering of Ultimate Astragals for Hoppe hardware.    «view»

February 2010
Endura’s new and improved Z-Series All Aluminum (ZAA) sills are here. With the variety of new options and improved performance, you can find the Z-All Aluminum sill that is right for your market.    «view»

December 2009
Endura Products announces a pricing and options update to the Alumawood and Wood astragals as well as to the Interior T-Astragals.    «view»

August 2009
Product Enhancement: Re-release of Z Series FN, introducing short sills.    «view»

Endura has offered Fixed Outswing Aluminum Bumper Sills for years- now we re-release with an attractive price-point and a sill cover for 4-9/16" widths.    «view»

The NEW 650 Proud Edge weatherstrip is a patented product new to Endura Products offering. It offers superior sealing in "bull nose", and "scant thickness" door panels.    «view»