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News :: Press Release :: 2008
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FrameSaver: Lifetime Warrantied Door Frame Available from Bayer Built
Endura Public Relations Contact:
Tessa Rodriguez
(336) 668-2472
Greensboro, NC - July 31st, 2008 - With yet another innovation in exterior door components, Endura has introduced FrameSaver®, the industry’s only no-rot wood door frame backed by a fully transferable Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.  And now, Bayer Built Woodworks, Inc. is proud to offer FrameSaver as the standard frame in its entire line of exterior door units.

Endura is the only manufacturer to offer FrameSaver, with its patented process of finger jointing a wood fiber composite on the bottom 4” of the frame, providing the highest level of resistance to moisture and guarantee against decay and termite infestation. With a FrameSaver wood exterior door frame, builders and homeowners can now achieve a complete, weather-resistant door frame.  Most manufacturers simply end-treat ordinary wood or use an alternative species of wood on the bottom of the frame.

"FrameSaver has taken the worry out of wood door frames," said Debbie Piner, Endura Marketing Manager. "We want to extend the benefits of our Composite Z Series Sills to those searching for a wood door frame that can be tooled and machined like any traditional wood frame, with the added durability of FrameSaver.  And with FrameSaver’s Lifetime Warranty, we offer the fullest protection to the original and subsequent homeowners."

Resistance to moisture is particularly important for frames surrounding exterior doors, which take the brunt of abuse from rain, snow and even very dry conditions. Over time, water penetration can lead to warping, cracking and rotting of doors and frames – the very problems that FrameSaver was designed to avoid. FrameSaver protects the base of the frame from moisture exposure, and thus prevents water from wicking into the wood.  Rot never begins.

What makes FrameSaver different is the manufacturing process itself. Composite material is fingerjointed in Endura’s proprietary process, which results in 100 percent protection from the wicking of water. This provides superior protection for the wood, in contrast to end-treatment or alternative species, which only provide initial protection which can quickly fail under field conditions.  Moreover, Endura now applies a proprietary 90 Day primer to its FrameSaver and standard wood frames to provide protection on the job site long after other factory applied primers fail.  The frame can be painted or stained to match any door, and last-minute trimming and machining adjustments can be made quickly and easily at the site, if needed. Door frames are offered in a variety of different sizes and lengths to fit any job.

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