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News :: Press Release :: 2007
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Endura to Spotlight New Products at IBS 2007

Greensboro, NC - October 10th, 2006 – At the 2007 International Builder Show at booth # W6061, Endura will illustrate how “It’s Not a Door Without Endura” proves true in every real-world situation by showcasing our new innovative door components for entry door systems.  New to Endura are FrameSaver frames and Film-Wrapped Weatherstrip & Simple Solution Corner Pads.

Acquired by Endura, FrameSaver is known for their rot-resistant, moisture proof, wood door frames. The FrameSaver® technology features wood door frames fingerjointed with a revolutionary wood composite material made from a combination of recycled sawdust and virgin plastics. Featuring a rot proof guarantee, the FrameSaver® technology is available in entry, patio and garage door frames. 

Endura has made it easier than ever to protect both the weatherstrip and Simple Solution™ pad from painting mishaps.  Now you can LEAVE IT IN.  Removing and replacing weatherstrip and corner pads during painting often results in gaps, damaged weatherstrip and improperly applied or lost corner pads.  Endura now provides a protective plastic film covering to weatherstrip and Simple Solution™ corner pads, which allow these components to be left in place during painting of exterior frames and doors.  Simply remove the film when painting is complete.

Stop by booth #W6061 or visit our website at for more information!

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About Endura Products, Inc.

Endura Products, Inc. manufactures entry door component systems that improve door construction, door installation and long-term performance in the home. Endura components improve functionality, maximize the seal between the door and the opening, and reduce air and water infiltration.

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