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Construction Industry Can’t Find Workers
Feature: Construction Industry Can’t Find Workers
January 31, 2015
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Construction companies from Utah to Florida are singing a similar tune. The construction industry is growing rapidly in both regions, but with this good news comes the predictable human resource problems. Many qualified workers left the industry years ago and are not returning. That being the case, hiring qualified workers is becoming increasingly difficult. Builders need skilled individuals for excavation, installing drywall and hanging patio doors. They need bricklayers, electrical workers and roofers.

In addition, the industry suffers from an aging workforce. Construction workers are retiring across the country in unprecedented numbers. The average workforce age is roughly 45-47 and there simply isn’t an adequate number of young workers entering the field to replenish the number of retirees.

Industry experts have taken it upon themselves to visit schools and to share with students the many things that the construction industry has to offer. However, workforce needs today require a more immediate solution.

A Canadian construction company, Borger Earthworks, has another solution.  Management realized that they were tapping into only 50% of the available workforce and have made the hiring and promotion of women a priority. While 2.7% of Canadian heavy equipment operators are women, at Borger the number is closer to 50%. Borger has experienced reduced down time and the company has the distinction of having won Canada’s Safest Employers award – two years straight.

Drawing from the pool of skilled women workers, this employer has increased productivity and lowered costs.  Sounds like a formula that builders in Florida, Salt Lake City and elsewhere may wish to take note of.

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