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Bigger Windows Mean Greater Need for Weatherstripping
Aug 26, 2014
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Trends come and go, but this one may have staying power – so long as homeowners can keep their utility bills under control. Architects and builders are reporting that home buyers want panoramic views of their yards – big windows and patio doors.

Contemporary home design requires optimal use of light and space. To that end, homeowners are asking for as much natural light as possible. And like never before, home buyers are willing to invest in their windows and doors. The conventional thought is that one must compromise on energy efficiency to accommodate one's desire for maximum window space. With state of the art weatherstripping and weather sealing products like those made by Endura, this simply is not the case. In Fact, properly installed door components and well placed weatherstrip can help eliminate air infiltration, thereby lowering the homeowner's energy bill.

People are coming to realize that window space does not necessarily translate to energy loss as evidenced by projected molding and trim sales estimates. In fact the Freedonia Group, a business research firm, estimates that molding and trim products like those used to insulate around windows and doors will rise nearly 11% per year for the next several years.

All in all, the view looks pretty good from here.

Other Noteworthy News Items Include:

  • Housing starts rebounded in July, up 15.7% over the prior month. Multi-family housing is still going strong, up by 33% over June.
  • While home builders are grappling with labor shortages, at least they're getting a break from materials shortages. The NAHB reports that only 14% of builders report shortages of windows and doors.

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About Endura Products, Inc.

Endura Products, Inc. manufactures entry door component systems that improve door construction, door installation and long-term performance in the home. Endura components improve functionality, maximize the seal between the door and the opening, and reduce air and water infiltration.

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