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At Endura Products, we make every effort to help you stay current on the latest door industry related topics and information. Below, you'll find the top news items of interest to door & window construction professionals everywhere:

Feb 13, 2015
According to a recent ruling by the Nebraska Supreme Court, general contractors that exercise control over the worksite can be sued by a subcontractor’s injured employee. In the case of...   «view»

Feb 9, 2015
New-home buyers are driven ultimately by their desire for something better. Nine out of 10 purchasers of newly constructed homes reported their new home is the same or better than their   «view»

January 31, 2015
This past year saw the number of Florida construction employees grow by 47% and the outlook for 2015 is just as optimistic. The vast majority of Florida based construction companies expect to...    «view»

Dec 30, 2014
This was to be the year of the great housing market recovery and while this summer showed promise (particularly for construction of multi-family units), 2014 could be...    «view»

Nov 30, 2014
When we review housing starts data for 2014 in its entirety (and the year isn’t over yet), we see a picture that may best be described as lackluster. Recent performance can be a key indicator of expected volumes in the New Year and...    «view»

Oct 24, 2014
This year has been a roller coaster ride for the home building industry. After four months of consistent gains, confidence has fallen among U.S. home builders...    «view»

Sep 30, 2014
Each month we follow the ups and downs in the housing market, most often comparing monthly starts to a period years ago when the market bottomed out...    «view»

Aug 26, 2014
Trends come and go, but this one may have staying power – so long as homeowners can keep their utility bills under control.    «view»

July 28, 2014
The turnaround of the housing market has been well documented here and elsewhere.    «view»

June 21, 2014
With the good news regarding April’s surge in multi-family construction, one naturally begins to wonder if other key indicators are as encouraging.    «view»

May 25, 2014
April's housing production numbers reveal a nearly 40% jump in production of multi-family units. The surge in multi-family units pushed nationwide housing starts above the million unit mark for the month...    «view»

April 23, 2014
Housing starts continue to improve, led by an increase of 6% in single family housing starts. Newly released figures from HUD and the US Census indicate that…    «view»

March 30, 2014
There is no avoiding the fact that doors warp from exposure to the outside elements. French Doors can be particularly problematic as air and moisture can...    «view»

February 26, 2014
In the estimation of most of those who participated in the 2014 NAHB International Builder's Show, this year's show was one of the more successful in recent memory. Over 75,000 builders, remodelers and suppliers attended...    «view»

January 30, 2014
Things will be heating up quickly this winter as the International Builders' Show will be back in Las Vegas next week. IBS 2014 will convene on February 4 and will host over 1,500 exhibitors and more than 75,000 attendees including builders, remodelers, architects, and other industry professionals.    «view»