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Performance Standard

Force 5 Testimonial


The Force 5 door is a phenomenal door.  Two and a half years ago…this was one of the biggest issues we had – this [doors], cabinets…Customer care wise, the doors were a nightmare.  Ever since we’ve had this relationship [with Endura], I’ve not had one issue with customer care.  So Force 5 has eradicated all issues across the board.  To me you have no competition when we are talking Force 5.
It’s not just about the money.  Bottom line right now is a focus here.  I will fight for something that I believe in that’s going to keep me from having a problem down the line.  So I take something that was my #1 problem child, which was my doors, and change those to Force 5 and then I have no problems.
I pay more money up front but I pay less money in the long run because I’m not having the costly repairs down the road in customer care adding to thousands of dollars.  So that little bit extra you pay up front is actually a safety blanket down the line.

Steve Bumbaca
Director of Purchasing
Lennar Homes

We were spending a lot of money going back in repairing floors from leaking doors and bad sills.  We decided it would be cheaper for us to do it that way [Force 5] and it has dropped our costs considerably on floor repairs, especially in a double door system.
It doesn’t pay to cut corners, especially when you’re slow.  When you are slow, your revenue coming in is down so it doesn’t make good sense to put a product in that is going to cost more on the back end.  It doesn’t make sense in a slow market to go too cheap because your product shows it, your homeowner/customer satisfaction shows it, your referrals show it.

Don Laws
Director of Construction
Village Homes