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Performance Standard

Fixing Door Leaks

Whether you’re a builder or homeowner, you need to be cognizant of unintended gaps and cracks that may exist in your structure’s doors. Fixing door leaks can save significant money– with estimates in the hundreds of dollars for the average family.

The experts at Endura make it easy to protect your building against air and water infiltration and the unwelcomed surprise of higher than expected energy costs.

Often, the top corners of exterior doors do not make proper contact with the frame. Air pressure can create a flow pattern up and over the door top and down the interior column of the weather stripping. Endura’s Simple Corner blocks air infiltration at the upper corner, improving the door’s performance by up to 25%.

In addition, Endura’s  Z-series articulating cap can further protect your home from energy loss due to door leaks. The flexible sill cap and spring design enable the cap to adjust independently over the entire length of the door, creating a flush seal under any conditions.

Contact an Endura representative today and find out how you can eliminate door leaks – and higher than expected energy costs.