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Performance Standard

Energy Efficient
Endura's line of door components are designed to perform at a high level and be energy efficient. They can play a key role in meeting Energy Star program requirements. Some of the door system components that can contribute to meeting these standards include our Z-Series Sills, Framesaver door frames, French door astragal units, and weatherstripping systems.

Energy efficent, well designed door sills make a dramatic difference in areas of severe climate. Z-Series sills are effective in preventing the transfer of hear or cold from outside your home. With a thermal break in the sill, air and water infiltration are all but eliminated. Our multi-point astragal not only secures your home with three secure locking points but it also stops water and air from penetrating the system, saving energy and money.

Endura products give you the high level of performance you expect while meeting or exceeding the requirement of the builder and homeowner, providing for energy efficiency and cost savings over the life of the product.