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Performance Standard

Door Failing

Why is my Door Failing?

Doors are exposed to extreme weather conditions and homeowners expect that their doors should weather and protect for the life of the home.  Rain, wind, cold and heat each have different effects on exterior openings.  Be sure that you are using the components that will give you a lifetime of performance.

When a door system fails, water leaks, air infiltration or rotten components result in damage. 

  • Sills can rot, chip, rust and warp causing damage to the structure of the home.
  • All-wood frames are subject to rotting and mold build up.  
  • French doors can be difficult to seal properly, leaving openings for wind, water and insects.  
  • Poor fitting and poor-quality sidelites leave unseen openings for air and water to intrude.  
  • Damaged or poor weather sealing allows water to filter over the sill and into the home – sometimes causing costly flooring damage.

Why are my French/Patio Door Units failing?

Why is my Entry Door Unit failing?

Why is my Single Door Unit failing?